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Leadership for District 31

Hello Friends,

It is a tremendous honor to have been elected by my constituents and to serve as your State Representative in North Kingstown and Exeter. I continue to work on a positive agenda for a brighter future for our community and our state.

I am proud we have delivered a balanced budget again with no broad tax increases.  We have cut the car tax, increased funding for public schools, and have helped small businesses recover from the pandemic.


I have a strong record in the General Assembly. In fact, this past year has been my best year ever! I championed for protection of the environment, increased funding for seniors and veterans, and have proved my commitment to public education by working as a substitute teacher in North Kingstown schools. Most importantly, I have closed the loophole that allows adults in positions of authority to have sexual relationships with 14-year-olds. I have made child abuse and neglect in military families a priority, ended child marriages and fought for kids in Foster Care. 

Together with my Senate partner, we were able to carry out a historic achievement: Article 12, sections 7 and 8, in the new budget addresses rate review process. This is extremely rare as many rates have not been reviewed in DECADES.  Our most vulnerable populations will finally get the support they need for services. 


I sincerely and proudly ask for your support in the Democratic primary in September. Please help me continue my fight for our most vulnerable populations! We are making progress. We can’t stop now!

Julie Casimiro

2019-01-23-RICRF-09 (1)_edited.jpg

Julie's Roles and Committees 

  • Deputy Majority Leader

  • First Vice-Chairwoman, Committee on Oversight

  • Chairwoman, Oversight Subcommittee on Children and Families

  • Member of Committee on Judiciary

  • Member of Committee on Rules

  • Member of Committee on Small Business

  • Member of Committee on Veterans’ Affairs

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