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Julie Casimiro DELIVERS for District 31.

Successfully pressured RIDOT to fix drainage and flooding issues at Post Road and Essex Road

Sponsored bill to allow for extended outdoor dinning to help restaurants survive the pandemic

Will work to continue the car tax phase out, which has already saved North Kingstown taxpayers millions of dollars

Sponsored legislation that requires the state to include childhood cancer in their comprehensive cancer plan

Secured more than $30,000 in funding since 2017 for the North Kingstown Fire Department, $2,500 for the Davisville Free Library, and $1,500 for the Forest Park Elementary PTO - all at no cost to local taxpayers

Sponsored legislation which makes it easier for the Treasury to return unclaimed property to Rhode Islanders, and held events in District 31 that returned more than $30,000 to taxpayers

Sponsored legislation to ensure RI conducts regular Medicaid reimbursement rate reviews so that our most vulnerable citizens are getting the care they need and deserve - and those caring for them are making a livable wage that keeps them in this profession

Worked to restore funding for teachers of blind and visually-impaired students at The Sherlock Center

Nominated for the national 2022 Paul Chapman Award for work in areas of child protection and crime victim's rights, including tireless advocacy for kids in DCYF care and sponsorship of a bill to ban child marriages

Supported $60 million in support infrastructure at the Port of Davisville

Gave non-profit food banks flexibility to raise funds in order to acquire more food to assist families

Advocated for the creation of a study panel to examine the effects of hybrid and distance learning in kindergarten through Grade 12

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